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I am very excited to announce I will be blogging for an up and coming magazine called, “ModernGrad Magazine”.  My topic will be Sustainable Fashion, which is interesting on several levels:

1)  I know NOTHING about “fashion”…but I am obsessed with instagram and have been following a variety of self-proclaimed fashionistas, as well as friends of mine in the modeling and music industries, and I’m aware of some pretty unique designers who are getting international recognition.

2) While I LIVE in t-shirts and jeans, my younger cousin, Ashley, is a clothing designer for Nic & Zoe, an amazing knitwear line that has me “upping” my own game because knitwear is AMAZINGLY comfy, and classy enough to still wear to work (and for once I feel I don’t have to sacrifice comfort for fashion)!  So I’m learning fashion doesn’t have to be uncomfortable, and therefore, intolerable 😉

3)  Very randomly, I recently began studying sustainable fashions.  I’ve always felt “guilty” when enjoying fashion magazines while there are people starving in our own backyard here in America and beyond.  Lately, though, I’ve come in contact with sustainable fashion designers and publicists, and it makes complete sense to me.  Not only do sustainable fashions help the world in a number of ways (Made in the USA, organic, vegan, etc), but sustainable fashions can also be healthier for you.  Think about it, we LIVE in our clothing.  Yet we don’t know about the cotton harvested for our t-shirts, or the dye on our shoes.  I’m going to explore all of that and interview conscious designers who are working to change it.

So here’s to a new endeavor!  One that I hope will bring myself and all of my readers empowerment in choosing the clothing they wear to help the world and to promote health!

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Woo hoo!

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